Biography of the Meuse

Climate change, water management, and heritage, these are issues that people around the globe feel passionately about. For the province of Limburg these issues are epitomized by its relation to the Meuse river. In response to the flooding in 1993 and again in 1995, the Maaswerken – the largest river engineering project in the Netherlands – fundamentally transformed the Meuse with regard to water safety, but also in terms of ecology and heritage.

Against this backdrop as well as an increasing scholarly interest in notions of ‘landscape biography’ and the Anthropocene, I organize in collaboration with Nico Randeraad and Benoit Mater a meeting in order to bring together researchers, professionals and artists who are dealing with and concerned about water and rivers, in particular the river Meuse. 

The program is designed to inspire a dialogue about the Meuse as heritage, ecology and infrastructure. As an outcome of this expert meeting, they intend to make an inventory of relevant research collaborations and funding opportunities.

The program at the Limburgs Museum on Thursday morning 17 January 2018 is open for everybody. Download the programme in pdf version. E-tickets can be reserved through the LGOG website.