Rewilding History at the Mount Saint Peter

From 26 – 28 October 2019 the Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory took place at Aarhus University. Here I presented on “Walking the Mount Saint Peter wilderness. The archives of an emerging Anthropocene landscape”.

This presentation was a first step into an examination of the emergence of different regimes of care surrounding the conservation of the new co-existence of animals, plants, humans, and technologies at the Mount Saint Peter. I’m interested in the genealogies of ideas concerning the conservation of nature and culture at this site. In particular, I intend to researching a subaltern perspective on the transition of a post-industrial landscape. In this presentation, I want to propose thinking through the Mount Saint Peter landscape, and, especially, the rewilding of the former cement quarry as an archive of an emerging Anthropocene landscape. 

I will continue this research and report on this blog.